Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning is an excellent resource that is free for all NCCC Faculty and Students. Atomic Learning is a site that promotes the practical application of technology in education. Atomic Learning houses hundreds of tutorials relating to computer software and technology. Here you have a vast resource of how-to videos at your fingertips.

Atomic Learning can be used by faculty by providing links to tutorials for students on a wide array of software and technologies, or for their own professional development. Links to Atomic Learning can be added to Blackboard course menus giving faculty and students access to the entire array of how-to videos. Faculty can also assign groups of videos to students from within the content areas in their course. With the new Atomic Learning building block in our Blackboard platform you also can assign points to a selection of videos. A column can be added to the grade center to keep track of points accumulated for students that watch the assigned videos. Students must watch all the assigned videos in a group to achieve the points.

You can access Atomic Learning from within a course by adding it to the course menu or add videos from within the content area of your course. Also online/hybrid Faculty and students are enrolled in communities in Blackboard that provide access to these resources in the community menu and content areas.

Faculty and students need to be logged into Blackboard to access these resources. NCCC purchased a license for only elearning faculty and students. We do not have a campus wide license at this time.

Video about Atomic Learning

How to add Atomic Learning to you Blackboard course menu

How to add Atomic Learning to your content area in Blackboard

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