Course Development Plan – online courses

Timeline for Fall 2018 Course Development and Training for Delivery in Spring/Summer 2019

Based on your experience with fully online instruction, the E.L. staff will create an individual training plan for you.

*Course Development Partner = Lisa Dubuc or Donna Simiele

Meetings and Workshops/Content and Goals Dates
1. Orientation to Online Teaching and Learning / Meeting with EL Coordinator(Overview of course conceptualization and development)

  • Review and Sign Guidelines document
  • Introduce development calendar of events (mtgs., deadlines, etc.)
  • EL instructor expectations/Course Development Partner Support, OSCQR Quality Rubric, and Compliance
  • Join COTE
2. Individual Meeting – Online Faculty and EL Course Development Partner*

Complete the Quality by Design training course

3. Start working on the course and training –Obtain and Examine current syllabus document including the student learning outcomes and types of assessments. Begin to cluster content into modules (titles, content) and begin calendar.

Meet with course development partner to discuss OER, ADA, and other course resources available.


4. Individual Meeting – Online Faculty and EL Course Development Partner* Work on course design and development Assignment – Course conceptualization and development; begin mapping modules; introduction of the course review worksheet October
5. Continue Course Development – Complete your Course Information Docs, Icebreaker Module, and Learning Module #1. November
6: Individual Meeting – Online Faculty and EL Course Development Partner* Work on development of course activities Assignment- Complete the remainder of your course learning modules. November
7: Faculty Member completes the development of the new course – Contact EL Course Development Partner to start final review process. December 
8. *EL Course Development Partner completes an in-depth, final review of the new course using the OL course review checklist (when courses are not complete, Coordinator communicates with faculty, chair.


9. Stay Informed and Maintain Technology Currency- The final step is an ongoing and never-ending process. As an EL instructor you need to stay abreast of new technologies, updates and changes to the LMS, maintain currency in best practices for eLearning, and viewing updates from the Office of Electronic Learning. The EL staff offer many workshops, demonstrations, and open sessions throughout the year to help you maintain your currency with new technologies and best practices for online teaching and learning. We also create and maintain a library of online videos, tutorials, and resources to help you complete various EL related tasks. The EL staff will send important information via the Blackboard NCCC eLearning Faculty User Group and send a copy to your NCCC college email. As an EL instructor you are expected to read those messages.

Please sign up to receive posts from our faculty blog and sign up for the Open SUNY Center of Online Teaching Excellence.

This will help you stay current with new information.

1.    Beyond the Bricks – NCCC eLearning Faculty Blog-

2.    Join the Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence– Become an Interested member in the Community of Practice

3. Follow Lisa Dubuc on Twitter – if you have an account @ldubuc

 On Going

eLearning staff will check in with you during the first couple of weeks while you teach an online course for the first time so we can help you transition from on campus to online teaching and course management.


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