eLearning training schedule and events

In addition to our normal open sessions and recommended videos workshops through the MAGNA commons library, I would like to invite you to join me for some special topics.

I scheduled four sessions in the months of March and April on Thursdays from 12:30-1:30 and the topics include:

Time on Task, does your online course meet the same amount of time required of students as your face-to-face courses? In this session we will discuss how we can meet the same requirements as set forth by the Carnegie unit in online courses. This is a Middle States compliance requirement so I put this training together to provide you strategies to ensure the same time requirements are being met in your online courses.  You can also view this great resource from RIT on how to determine the total time on task for students.

ADA compliance project update and next steps: In this session I will cover the reasons why ADA compliance is so important, provide a short video on how students can succeed with disabilities when they have the tools and online content in a format that meets the requirements, a report of our compliance project, upcoming training for all eLearning faculty, and showcase the vast amount of resources we have available to help faculty ensure content compliance.

Open Ed Resources: What are they, what types of OER exist, how saving students money on course materials can improve success rates.  I have a ton of OER resources to share with you and will showcase the SUNY affordable learning solutions website and resources too.

From a students perspective:  What Alicia Hernandez learned after completing 28 online courses in SUNY.  During this session we will watch a part of this recorded session from the Open SUNY COTE summit. This students provided information on what worked, what helped her learning, what hindered her learning, and much more. The session was amazing and should be viewed by anyone who teaches or is considering teaching online courses.

I hope you can join me.

Lisa Dubuc, Coordinator of Electronic Learning

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