Final Phase of Blackboard Migration

Migration Image Blackboard Timeline

Link to Timeline Chart

Migration Information Session Recording from 1/30/14 in FRCAE

Jan 1- Feb 1stSign up for final migration phase (Link to Register)-Group C
January 15-Febuary 28Register for SLN Training (F2F or Web) (Link to Register)
March 1st – Summer/Fall Course shells will be available in ANGEL
March 1-March 15 – Move content into ANGEL summer/fall course shells
March 1-April 1Make changes to content to prepare for migration (Link to Checklist)
March – MayMigration Training – Complete SLN Workshops 1 & 2 (Link to Schedule)

  • March 4th – SLN Workshop 1: 10am-12noon (face-to-face)
  • March 4th – SLN Workshop 2: 1-3pm (face-to-face)
  • March 11th – SLN Workshop 1: 2-4pm(webinar)
  • March 13th – SLN Workshop 2: 2-4pm(webinar)
  • April 10th – SLN Workshop 3: 2-4pm (face-to-face)
  • May 14th – SLN Workshop 3 (Grade Center): 10-12pm (face-to-face)
  • May  14th – SLN Workshop – Content Collection & xpLor: 1-3pm (face-to-face)

**April 2nd – Summer/Fall Courses will migrate from ANGEL to Blackboard

**Jan-Jun 1stExport any content that will not be migrating for summer/fall courses (e.g. spring course content not run in summer/fall, LOR content, file storage, and sporadically run courses)
April 3
-start date of course(s) – Check Blackboard courses for needed updates (Link to Checklist)

  • Summer – May 12 (Go Live)
  • Fall – August 26 (Go Live)

May  – Finish SLN Training
June 1st – ***ANGEL is no Longer Available

***Note: as of June 1st we will lose access to all ANGEL content. Take the time to go through your old or previously run courses and see what you need to save for a later time (e.g. courses that only run in the fall).  Also, export the content you have stored in your LOR or Group.


NCCC Migration Sign up Sheet (Group, A, B, or C)

Our migration from ANGEL to Blackboard Learn will take place over the next 16 months.  During this time we will be running both ANGEL and Blackboard Learn concurrently.  We expect to be fully migrated to the Learn platform by the start of the fall 2014 semester.  We are migrating courses and content in three groups. Please go to the following form to select which migration group you would like to migrate your courses and content and be trained in.

NCCC Migration sign up sheet

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
Lisa Dubuc, Coordinator of Electronic Learning

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