Migration to Blackboard Learn 9.1 F.A.Q.

1. What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is a course management system that allows for dynamic learning to occur in the online environment. The tools provided by the Blackboard software allow students and faculty to post and share documents and other course content, 24/7 access to grades, write via email and posted discussion boards, and even have synchronous, or real-time conversations in a virtual classroom.

2. What is Blackboard Learn, and why is NCCC migrating to Blackboard from ANGEL?
Blackboard Learn is the successor to our current learning management system, ANGEL and is the new SUNY preferred platform.

3. When will I have to migrate my courses from ANGEL to Bb Learn?
NCCC will begin to offer courses on Blackboard during Fall 2013 with a full migration planned to be completed by Fall 2014.

4. Why will the migration take one year?
This is the time frame recommended by NCCC’s  hosting services (ITEC) and by the SUNY Learning Network (SLN).  System limitations, training schedules, and the vast number of courses that need to be migrated all factored into this decision.

5. What types of training will be available for Bb Learn?
Training is currently under development.  However, we anticipate offering face-to-face, webinar, and self-paced training opportunities for faculty.

6. Will training for Bb Learn be mandatory?
No.  However, training is strongly encouraged to ensure course functionality and the optimal viewing of course content on all devices, including mobile.

7. Will my current ANGEL content migrate?
Yes. The instructional design at SLN has migrated a number of ANGEL courses to Blackboard Learn with excellent results. There will be differences in the functionality and layout of the migrated courses (i.e.a different path to achieve the same end result), but by and large, content is preserved. Once signed up for migration you will need to get your course content in ANGEL, cleaned up and ready to move over to Blackboard Learn. Here is our checklist to get your course(s) ready.

8. What will my course look like in Bb?  Does Bb function in the same manner as ANGEL?
Although the functions are similar, the interface of Blackboard Learn is different than ANGEL. To preview the interface, browse Blackboard’s listing of exemplary courses (note that the listings encompass all Blackboard products, so you’ll want to double-check which learning management system is used): Blackboard Exemplary Course Listing

9. How will my content be migrated from ANGEL to Blackboard Learn 9.1?
ANGEL course content will be migrated from SLN into Blackboard. The course migration is still being planned.

10. Can I merge courses in Blackboard Learn 9.1?

11. How will students know which courses are in ANGEL or Blackboard Learn 9.1?
All students and faculty will log into ANGEL to access their fall courses. All courses will be listed in the ANGEL Course Nugget as always. When a student/faculty clicks on a course that is hosted in Blackboard they will automatically be redirected to the Blackboard website.

12. If I develop a course in Course Sites can I move that content into Blackboard Learn 9.1?
Yes, you will have the ability to zip your contents and upload the zipped file to Blackboard.

13. Are there any online resources available for Blackboard Learn 9.1?
Blackboard has a wealth of training resources designed to assist faculty through the migration and design processes:


Blackboard On-Demand Learning Center

Blackboard Instructor Help Center

Blackboard’s ‘Ask Dr. C.’ (Live and Archived Discussions)

Donna’s List of Migration and Learn FAQ’s

Additionally, the SUNY Learning Network is in the process of updating their training materials, which will be available to faculty by the start of the migration process.

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