How to Back Up Your Blackboard Content

Please back up your course(s).  This process is very simple and we recommend you download the back up to your computer.  I would also recommend you complete this process after making changes to your content, grading assignments, etc.

To create a back up:

  • Go to Package and Utilities menu item
  • Select  Export/Archive Course menu item
  • Click on Export Course button
    Note: Export creates a zip file of just course content. Archive also collects student data.  I would recommend performing both utilities and downloading both to your computer.
  • Leave settings for 1 & 2 as default
  • Click Select All button and click Submit Button
    • You will receive an email when once the back up is complete.
  • Repeat the step above to Archive a Course


Download the exported zip file to your computer:

  • Return to your course once the back up is complete and you received an email.
  • Click on Export/Archive Course menu item (If you stayed in the Export screen just hit refresh to view the zipped file)
  • Click on the Exportfile…zip  or the Archievefile…zip
  • Select Save and click OK. When using Chrome or Firefox the file will
    automatically save to the download folder on your computer.
    Note: Do not use Internet Explorer for Blackboard it is not supported.

If you prefer, I made a quick video on how to do this process.


Creating a Back up of your Grade Center:

If you are using the Blackboard Grade Center I would recommend backing up your students grades.

  • Goto Grade Center→ Full Grade Center→ Work Offline→ Download
  • Leave default settings to download the entire grade center
  • Submit → Download (Button) → Save File → OK

OR Learn how to do this by watching this video (video includes basic Excel instructions).

The file will automatically go to the Download folder if using Chrome or Firefox browsers.  You can open the file in Excel to view the grades.  The Excel file can be printed and turned in with your gold roster.


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