Content Migration – When & How

Content Migration from ANGEL to Blackboard
How and when will it happen!

SLN will be migrating content from ANGEL to Blackboard on April 2nd.  The content that will be moved includes:

  • Contents in summer and fall 2014 ANGEL Course Shells  –  This content will be placed into the matching course shells in Bb.
  • Groups – Content within ANGEL groups will be migrated to Blackboard Communities.

What should I do to prepare! Document on how to get your courses ready for migration! (Link)

NOTE: This is the only content that will be migrated.  If you have courses that are not running in summer or fall 2014 you need to backup and download those courses to your computer or jump drive.  (How to Download and backup ANGEL content)



Q. Will I have access to my content in ANGEL after June 1st?

A. NO!  All content needs to be backed up.  (How to Download and backup ANGEL content)

Q. If all courses are running in Bb starting this summer why do I have summer/fall 2014 shells in ANGEL?

A. The shells that are in ANGEL for summer/fall will be used to  migrate content from ANGEL to Bb.  If you want SLN to migrate your content for you please put the content in the ANGEL summer/fall shells. The migration process will take place on Apr 2nd.

Q. Do I need to put my content in my ANGEL summer/fall 2014 shells?

A. Yes, just as you did at the beginning of each new semester you need to copy your content that you want migrated. This content needs to be in by April 1st as SLN will start the migration process on April 2nd.  The only way we are going to know what you want migrated is by placing that content in the ANGEL summer/fall 2014 shells.

Q. What if I want my content in Blackboard before April 2nd?

A. You have the choice to download a zipped file of your ANGEL course and upload the content in Blackboard at any time. ANGEL and Bb already contain the summer/fall 2014 shells.  (Video on how to copy and Angel course into a Bb courseNote: If you choose to migration your courses yourself make sure you leave the Angel summer/fall 2014 shells blank.

Q. What if I don’t see any shells in ANGEL or Bb for summer/fall?

A. You have not been assigned courses in Banner Web.  You will need to contact your division to see when your name will be added to a course so the course shell will be loaded.

Q. Do I have access to Blackboard now?

A. Yes, All active NCCC faculty have been added to Blackboard.  You use the same username and password you are using for ANGEL and Outlook. You can access Bb from the Quick links on the college home page or at

Q. What do I do about merged courses?

A. You will place the content into the first section of a set of courses you are merging. OIT will make the first section the active section in Bb.

Q.  How do I request merging my courses?

A. As always you will need to put in an OIT help desk request to have your courses merged in Bb.

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