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Training Handouts from Erin Maney (March 4th)

New Resources:

Blackboard Migration Training Handouts (Built By: Dave Ghidiu at Monroe Community College)

Workshop 1 Description – Navigating and Creating Content in Blackboard Learn

This workshop is designed for instructors new to Blackboard Learn 9.1.  We address the basics of navigating and customizing your course shell, with the goal of being comfortable in the latest version of Blackboard Learn.  We will also explore how to create, configure, modify, and organize content in a meaningful way.  At the completion of this workshop, learners will be able to properly configure their course shell, home page, and menu.  Learners will additionally be able to upload files, organize content into folders, create links, add text, and add multimedia.

  • Overview of the migration process
    • Explanation of how content is converted
    • Review of steps needed to prepare an ANGEL course for migration
    • Review of items requiring attention in a newly-migrated Blackboard course
    • “My Blackboard” social features
      • Calendar
      • “My Institution” home page
        • Basic navigation
        • Course home page
          • Outline of different default modules
          •  “Edit Mode”/Student view
          • Overview of the “Course Management” Control Panel
            • Add Test Student
            • Course messages vs. email
            • Adjusting course availability
            • Archiving your course
            • Editing the course menu
              • Different elements that can be in the course menu
              • Different design ideas for course menu
              • Adding tool links
              • Working with content
                • Copy/Move/Delete/Edit
                • Creating basic content items
                  • Differences between items, files, and pages
                  • Differences between folders and learning modules
                  • Using the content editor
                    • Adding and styling text
                    • Adding links
                    • Adding pictures
                    • Adding Mashups

Workshop 2 Description– Interaction and Assessment in Blackboard Learn

Interacting effectively with students and being able to accurately and reliable assess student learning are two of the most important skills that any instructor must master.  This workshop reviews the different avenues for interaction in Blackboard Learn and different assessment techniques made possible by the learning management system.   By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to create, configure, and deploy discussions, tests, and assignments to students.

  • Discussion Forums
    • Reading and grading
    • Creating, configuring, and deploying
    • Assignments
      • Collecting and grading submissions
      • Creating and configuring
      • SafeAssign
      • Rubrics
      • Tests
        • Collecting, grading, and regarding
        • Different types of questions
        • Configuring and creating questions
        • Configuring and creating a test

Workshop 3 Description– Teaching and Managing your Course in Blackboard Learn

This workshop focuses on the skills necessary to use the latest version of Blackboard Learn as a management  tool in your technology-enhanced course.  We will review how to configure the Grade Center to meet your needs, collect student submissions, and monitor student progress.

  • Grade Center
    • Configuring the grade center
    • Weighting columns
    • Grading submissions
    • Course reports
    • Performance dashboard & Retention center
    • Posting announcements
    • Creating and managing groups

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