Blackboard Learn “How To” Videos and Documentation

The following Screencasts by Donna, myself, or videos from Blackboard Learn  have been either created or selected to help you with BB Learn.  We will add new video screencasts as we move through our migration from ANGEL to Learn.  If you have any suggestions for additional videos needs, please let us know.

Full List of Bb FAQ’s and Tips

Full List of Topic Related Videos (Based On Open SUNY Training)

How to Get Your Course Ready for the Blackboard Migration (Document)

Set up Blackboard Learn Notifications (Recording 5 min)

How to organize and hide courses in your  BB Learn Course List

Copying Course Content/Backing Up Your Bb Course

Date Management




Blogs in Bb

Blackboard Learn Grade Center

Blackboard Learn Grade Center – Smart Views

Blackboard Learn Evaluation Center

BB Learn Content Collection and xpLor

How to Communicate with Your Students

For a full description on course communications go to the NCCC Blackboard FAQ

Reports in Blackboard

Taking Attendance in On Campus Classes

Groups in Blackboard

Rubrics in Blackboard

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